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1) Guru is a game in which Estelarbet users can make predictions about football matches offered by Estelarbet. Players earn points according to the results.

2) The game consists in tournaments, which include matches from different football, basketball, tennis and volleyball.

3) Only those users who have charge or bet (with real balance) $20,000 (twenty thousand) Chilean pesos at Estelarbet during the last 7 days before predictions may participate.

4) To participate in this Guru Tournament, users must predict:

  • The exact result in every match.

5) The user will also select one of the available matches in the round, so the score of it can be multiplied by 2.

6) The total prize pot that will be distributed corresponds to $3,000,000 (three million) Chilean pesos, which will be distributed between the top 20 players with the highest scores. This prize will be distributed as follows:

Place Prize amount
1 $             1.000.000
2 $             500.000
3 $             350.000
4 $             250.000
5 $             200.000
6 $             100.000
7 $             75.000
8 $             75.000
9 $             50.000
10 $             50.000
11 $             40.000
12 $             40.000
13 $             40.000
14 $             40.000
15 $             40.000
16 $             30.000
17 $             30.000
18 $             30.000
19 $             30.000
20 $             30.000
TOTAL $3.000.000

7) This prize will be awarded in the format of a Free Bet equivalent to the value indicated in the chart.

8) The awarded Free Bet must be used within a period of 3 days from when it is credited to the user's account.

9) The user must bet on single or multiple bets with odds of 1.6 per selection.

10) The awarded Free Bet has a maximum conversion limit of 100%.

11) If during the tournament, many matches are cancelled, the user score will be calculated according to the played matches.

12) In case of matches with the presence of technical defeat, the published results for the championship or federation in question will be considered as definitive.

13) If a match were to be interrupted or it has not taken place during the last 24 hours, that match will be considered cancelled or postponed. Points won’t be accumulated for this match during the tournament in question.

14) The User can modify their predictions (they can also modify the 2X multiplier match) until 5 minutes before the match starts.

15) Estelarbet will show for every tournament:

  1. The prize pot
  2. The duration range (first match and last match)
  3. The number of participating users
  4. The start date (closing time)
  5. The minimum number of participants
  6. The entry fee
  7. The prize distribution
  8. The entire set of available matches

16) Once a User clicks on the entry fee button, they won’t be cancel their participation in the tournament.

17) Every prediction will refer to the regulation time (90 minutes + added time during the first and second time) of the match and/or matches.

18) Every earning will be given in a maximum range of 10 days after the tournament is over.

19) The score will be calculated in base to a formula that considers the correct predictions of the user in function to the number of participating users. In case of receiving a decimal score through the formula, this will be rounded. For example, 12,4 =12. Another example, 12,5=13.

20) Score calculation Formula:

The maximum score depending on the prediction – [0,9 X (maximum score depending on the prediction x Number of participating users with correct predictions / Total amount of participating users x reduction point)]

21) Maximum Score depending on the prediction

Prediction Maximum score
Match result 100 points
Total number of goals 100 points
Score difference 100 points
Correct scoreboard for each match 50 points
Team who scores first 100 points

Example: match results

1000 users have made predictions about the Arsenal vs. Barcelona match, 400 users have predicted Arsenal’s victory, 50 users have predicted a tie and 550 users have predicted Barcelona’s victory. The match’s regulation time has ended with Arsenal as the winner with a 2-0 score. In this case, users that made the right predictions will win the points received by the following formula.

100 (maximum point of the prediction type “result”) – 100 (maximum point of the prediction type “result”) x 400 (number of players with right predictions) /1000 (total amount of predictions) x 0.9 (reduction point) = 64 point per user.

Example of goal difference

A player predicted a 2-1 score and the match ended with a 3-2 score (it also Works with 4-3, 8-7, etc.); in that case the “goal difference” prediction is right and the user win because the 2-1 score that was initially predicted has a difference of 1 goal. If the match ended with a 2-3 score, even though that a one goal difference is also shown, it won’t accumulate points for the goal different prediction, due to the match is different than the one that was chosen by the user.

22) The user’s score is shown in the qualification table which is updated periodically. These points are added in a range of 24 hours after the whole set of matches of the tournament have ended.

23) The summary of the final results will be performed based in the data given by the tournament’s official web page. Changes are not allowed, except if the results were published incorrectly due to technical issues.

24) Accumulation of points: as a result of the right predictions, the user will earn points and they will have a corresponding position in the qualification table. In case of a points tie, the advantage will be given to the player who has more earned points as a result of the chosen matches with the 2x multiplier function. If both players still have the same results, the prize of the position will be added and distributed equitably among those users.

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