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1) Star Mission is a promotion in which a user can participate to win random prizes.

2) Promotion valid from March 23rd (00:00 hrs.) to March 31st (23:59 hrs.).

3) To obtain the prizes awarded by the Star Mission, the user must accumulate the symbols indicated in the following table:


      Participating Games  Missions
The Runemaker Doublemax Activate the mysterious symbols 3 times
Nice Catch Get 8 fish
Secreto f Anubis Doublemax Get 50 adventurer symbols
King Arthur 10K Ways Get 130 prizes with any symbol
Tiki Runner Gigablox Get cascades on the reels


4) The prizes to be delivered are as follows:


Position USD
1 Nintendo switch 
2 217.39
3 108.70
4 108.70
5 97.83
6 97.83
7 86.96
8 86.96
9 76.09
10 76.09
11 65.22
12 65.22
13 54.35
14 54.35
15 43.48
16 43.48
17 43.48
18 32.61
19 32.61
20 32.61
21 27.17
22 27.17
23 21.74
24 21.74
25 21.74
26 21.74
27 16.30
28 16.30
29 16.30
30 16.30
31 10.87
32 10.87
33 10.87
34 10.87
35 10.87
36 10.87
37 10.87
38 10.87
39 10.87
40 10.87
41 10.87
42 10.87
43 10.87
44 10.87
45 10.87
46 10.87
47 10.87
48 10.87
49 10.87
50 10.87
TOTAL 2,173.91

5) Complete the missions in the fewest number of Spins to achieve a better ranking.

6) Estelarbet reserves the right to request certain documents (such as proof of identity, proof of address, bank card statements, deposit receipts, or any other necessary documents) to confirm the legitimacy of transactions.

7) This Star Mission promotion is available for Apps, as well as for desktop and mobile versions from Estelarbet. The General Terms and Conditions, as well as the Star Mission Terms and Conditions, will apply to all its versions.

8) Estelarbet reserves the right to change or cancel this campaign at any time. It will be understood that the player accepts modifications and the Star Mission Terms and Conditions, by the mere act of logging back into Estelarbet and clicking accordingly.

9) Estelarbet reserves the right to disqualify any player from this promotion and close their account with any existing balance if there is evidence of abuse or fraud.

10) In case of any dispute, the decision of the casino management will be final.

11) The original text of the Star Mission Terms and Conditions is in Spanish. In case of discrepancies in the translations of these terms and conditions, the original Spanish version will prevail.

12) This Promotion is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of that the user accepted upon registration. If some terms are not specified, the General Terms and Conditions apply.

13) Failure to comply with the Star Mission Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions, or any attempt of fraud or abuse of this promotion or other bonuses may result in voided bets or suspension or closure of the involved account(s).

14) All amounts in this promotion are expressed in US dollars.